About/How I Work/TOS


I'm an 18-year-old Argentine book blogger, with a passion for web design. I started by designing my own book blog, and here I am now!

I'm also a freshman at university. I'm studying Audiovisual Arts (Film) at the UNLP, in Bs. As., Argentina.

Which means that if it comes to making your design or studying for a test, I'll of course finish your design! (No, I'm joking, I'll be studying!)

How I work:

If you've decided you'd like me to give your blog a makeover, here's what you need to know:
  • You have to have a clear idea of what you want before contacting me. If you don't know what you want, and tell me, "Just do what you want," then it'll take me twice as long to make your design, since I'm never fully satisfied with anything I make. 
  • You have to be sure of everything we've discussed, because once I start making the design, I'll be able to make a few changes, but I won't make a 180 degree spin, and start over. 
  • I'll upload everything to a test blog for you to see it and decide if you like it or if I should change anything. 
  • Why do you have to be sure of what you want? Because I won't start working on your design until I get a confirmation of your payment. And once you've paid, there's no going back, I'm afraid.
  • Once I start making your design, it can take me up to 15 days to get it ready. Maybe less, maybe more. That's up to me and what I'm doing at the moment.

I can work with either/Puedo trabajar con:
  • The same font as the post titles and a few simple elements (like this).
  • A photo you send me. It has to be yours or paid for. I won't work with elements from other artists if it's not permitted.
  • An illustration/photo from Dreamstime or iStockphoto.
I work on Photoshop CS4 and Illustrator CS4. Meaning, I can make graphics for you if you know exactly what you want.

For now, this are the only things I'll be doing. I won't work with designer kits yet, so don't ask.

Terms of Service:

Credit: Once your new design has been installed properly, you agree to keep the Ella Press Studio link/logo crediting the Studio and the links crediting the graphic designer for any images or graphics used in the layout that weren't made by me. You can change the position of the logo or credit in your blog, but they must stay visible until you are done with the design.

Portfolio: I'll be using a screenshot of your new design to put in my portfolio. If you'd rather I didn't link it to your blog, let me know.

Queue: The list is made to help you and me keep track of who's next in line to get a new design. It's also based on a first come/pay, first serve basis, according to when your payment was made.

Widgets: I strongly suggest you make a backup of your sidebar widgets before I start working on your design. I haven't lost any widgets yet, but you should do it anyway, just in case.

Altering your Design: This is completely prohibited, that is why I upload everything to a Test Blog: for you to see if you are happy with your design, and tell me if anything needs to be changed so you'll have no need to alter anything I made in the future, once the layout has been installed. Sharing the HTML code for the blog is also forbidden.